Migration Services and Software for Enterprise Business

Enterprise customers often operate complex core infrastructures to support their business. These systems and solutions have evolved over time and are expensive to maintain.  This can result in being unable to meet business needs on time and poor visibility of assets.

When it comes to upgrading these services the inherent complexity results in multiple work streams of integrated technology upgrades. This increases the overall risk and can potentially affect the planned return on investment.

Often large infrastructure transformation projects do not realise a full return on cost savings, as legacy systems are not decommissioned due to fear of failure on upstream systems. In addition, as cloud technology matures there are new choices to allow IT services and solutions to be more flexible and responsive to business needs, but these can potentially make the environment more complex.

In these scenarios we understand it is often difficult to deliver projects on time.

How we can help

At Penman, we start by assessing and identifying the difficult project deliveries. By identifying these elements early we try to minimise late identification of expensive changes within a project and highlight the correct resource in order to deliver.  Where possible we will demonstrate what would happen if the difficult project deliveries are not updated/migrated. 

With a pedigree of on-premise and an early adopter of Microsoft cloud services we can help select and implement the most appropriate solutions for our customers.  By maintaining expertise in both we are not limited to recommending either on-premise or cloud solutions.  For most businesses there is a case for a “hybrid” solution.

IT Infrastructure Services

We understand that implementing a successful solution is about more than technology.  Hence we look at all factors of the business – from services delivered to the people, how they operate and the processes they follow.


Customer’s current asset database or CMDB often suits deployment and licensing but does not suit large scale migration projects.  Before a migration project can commence it often takes a dedicated team to identify users, computers and applications.  This initial discovery causes delay and can often miss applications which are more expensive to package late in the project life-cycle.

In response we provide software that has the migration manager in mind.  This software is based on our own industry experience which dates back to the first versions of Microsoft Windows.

Our software is constantly evolving therefore we work in Partnership with customers, customising software functionality to meet their business need and integrate into their systems.

The flexibility your end-users want with the control you need              Office 365

Deliver best of breed services internally whilst securely connecting with customers and partners. Combine Office 365 with Office 2013 to take advantage of powerful tools for more effective data management, control and compliance with enterprise-grade security, data loss prevention, and rights management.

"By moving to Office 365, we gained twenty-first century messaging and collaboration tools with no upfront costs.”CTO, Retail

Office 365 reduces your hardware and power requirements as it is operated and maintained by Microsoft in globally redundant data centres with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA. A simplified web portal provides health dashboards and customisable reports that provide your teams real-time insight into your service.

Augment your internal team with focused Project Managers 

A successful business strategy requires tactical dynamism - organisations must respond quickly to get closer to customers, launch new products or reduce costs. To be dynamic organisations require a solid technology foundation. To build that foundation the organisation needs to manage projects effectively.

"Penman managed our M&A transformation project allowing me to focus on the business. ”CIO, Construction

Augmenting your resources with Penman Project Managers is sure to lead to success. We have extensive experience in helping build and deliver solid architectural foundations for a wide variety of enterprise projects more quickly, more reliably, more smoothly, and thus more cost effectively.

Enable business agility with the dynamic private Cloud                System Center 2012

Implemented strategically and correctly, System Center 2012 is a powerful toolset that can help you deliver the flexibility and scalability you need to survive in the challenging market conditions today and provide a scalable platform for the future.

"Penman developed a Systems Management Framework allowing us to save time and money by ensuring new services are managed effectiely.”Head of Systems Management, Finance

We approach Systems Management by looking at current levels of Service provided to the end-users and we work with stakeholders to determine both gaps and their "wish list".  Once we understand the requirements and develop the roadmap we turn to technical delivery.


Contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements and see if our services and software can help deliver your next infrastructure upgrade programme.